My first Blu-ray experience

Call me the atypical Adobe employee…While I am a techno geek and absolutely love to play with technology, I either choose or (personal finances permitting) can’t get all of the lovely toys exactly when I want to. 

In my case, I chose not to run out and get a Blu-ray player right away – even though Encore is still the only cross-platform affordable Blu-ray authoring tool available.

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Independent Film, Blu-ray, Photoshop for free and other weekend ramblings

Three topics in one for a weekend post. I presented last night to a NY film crowd and wanted to share some thoughts about it as it relates to Adobe. Talk about some new Blu-ray numbers and of course jump on the bandwagon with Photoshop Express.  If any of the three sound exciting to you, then read on! ;-)  PS – they SHOULD sound exciting to you…

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Another pair of great resources for Ps and Ae

To say I wander the web would be a slight exageration.  I hover over certain areas incessantly (particularly tech and baseball) but occasionally, I stumble on a resource that I want to pass on.

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AE Tutorial: Verizon Fios

In watching pre-season baseball on NY’s local SNY, I am getting the same commercials quite often (work those sponsors hard!) and so after a while, it got on my brain. As I’ve mentioned before, when you work for Adobe, you tend to watch television in a different way than many people. So, when I see the Verizon Fios commercial again and again, I think of the ideas that I can communicate with Adobe products – in this case After Effects.

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NY Event: P2 & Blu-ray at TekServe

If you’re in the local New York area, I will be doing an evening seminar at TekServe on April 7th beginning at 6PM. The event will be focusing on Adobe’s P2 implementation as well as how to take that to Adobe’s Encore for burning a Blu-ray disc. Of course, since I am at TekServe, I’ll be demoing on a Mac, but we always get a bunch of PC people there as well, because hey – Adobe is cross platform!

Click on the image to take you to the register page – I hope to see you there!

Churches are broadcasting too…plus knitting TV

A couple of weekends ago, I spent some time at the Grand Ole Opry Hotel while the National Association of Religous Broadcasters (NRB) convened to talk about media.  With Easter coming up this weekend, I thought it a perfect opportunity to share about my experiences and thoughts from that show.

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a new hardware partner for HD and Premiere Pro

This isn’t necessarily new to anyone, but MOTU has finally released their Windows drivers for their V3HD product.  The box offers a bevvy of I/O and a DVC Pro HD chip that handles all of the internal processing.  Click on the picture to take you to the website.

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Final Cut and Premiere Pro together

The title is provocative, interesting or imflamatory depending on your perspective.  What fun!

One of the things that users everywhere like is interoperability.  Of course, I believe Adobe is the best at interoperability between our own apps (INTEGRATION, INTEGRATION, INTEGRATION!) but obviously, I’d be living in a cave if I didn’t recognize that there are a lot of products out there including Apple’s Final Cut.

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Local NY: Upcoming events + NAB on Sunday


I’ve got a couple of local events coming up in New York City and if you’re interested in seeing Production Premium CS3 or asking me questions about it, you might want to check out the following.

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How to find stuff on GP: Tutorials


Hi all – I’ve been doing a ton of client meetings as well as internal Adobe meetings, so my posting has flagged a bit lately.  However, I wanted to give a couple of pointers for you as you continue looking at the blogosphere and Adobe and Genesis Project blogs in particular.

I clicked on the tutorials button on the right side of the Genesis Project blog to review my humble tutorials and articles that point you to significant lessons on the web.  I was somewhat surprised to count almost 50 tutorials created by me within a year.  That’s a simultaneous ‘woo hoo’ and ‘are you kidding me’ kind of moment. A way to go thought followed by a ‘you’re crazy.’  So….click on Tutorials to get a feel for all of the content that is there – you might find something interesting.

I’ve got a few March events in New York city towards the end of March – one at Adorama and another at MPEG.  Of course, we’ll have the AENY meeting there as well.

The Genesis Project has received some more comments and along with that some ideas for future articles or tutorials. I will be trying to get some of these done before NAB.  In the meantime, please keep the comments coming.

Gotta go!

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