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AE Tutorial: Verizon Fios

In watching pre-season baseball on NY’s local SNY, I am getting the same commercials quite often (work those sponsors hard!) and so after a while, it got on my brain. As I’ve mentioned before, when you work for Adobe, you tend to watch television in a different way than many people. So, when I see the Verizon Fios commercial again and again, I think of the ideas that I can communicate with Adobe products – in this case After Effects.

The idea of this project is that you can make one little composition and then duplicate it to make simple changes to text to create a larger commercial.  This project also shows about nesting compositions – taking one composition and putting it in another.  This is a simple yet powerful concept that people often don’t think about.  There is also some track matting, and layerstyle work that is part of this comp.  I will try to write up the step-by-step directions, but until then, here are the project files for you to download and take a look at.  The download is about 2MB.

Verizon Fios Project download

Update: I’ve now posted the step-by-step instructions for you to download.

Verizon Fios Project Tutorial instructions


The sample video seems to be down. I’ve noticed this with one or two others that you’ve posted to the blog – not sure why it happens…

[DR – Dave, thanks for taking the time to look. I’ve played the video on the site no problem. I’m using Firefox on a Mac and PC. Try another browser or let me know what else could be going on. ]

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