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Another pair of great resources for Ps and Ae

To say I wander the web would be a slight exageration.  I hover over certain areas incessantly (particularly tech and baseball) but occasionally, I stumble on a resource that I want to pass on.

That resource was a new Photoshop one from a blogger who has a few very nice looks.  Fabio Sasso is a Brazillian designer who was ‘abducted’ by design and thus a partial reasoning of the name of his blog and website.  He has some terrific looks and takes the time to show you how to do them.  Take a look at his site and his work.


The other resource for today is an old friend that I did NOT stumble over or upon. 😉  Dean Velez has been mentioned several times here and he periodically sends me an email with something that is new on his site. His latest is an AE curriculum that he published and so I paste the link here for you to peruse and use.

Dean’s curriculum



Thanks for the links to Dean’s sight. The course outline and all the web resources are a gold mine of information!

[DR – my pleasure.]

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