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How to find stuff on GP: Tutorials


Hi all – I’ve been doing a ton of client meetings as well as internal Adobe meetings, so my posting has flagged a bit lately.  However, I wanted to give a couple of pointers for you as you continue looking at the blogosphere and Adobe and Genesis Project blogs in particular.

I clicked on the tutorials button on the right side of the Genesis Project blog to review my humble tutorials and articles that point you to significant lessons on the web.  I was somewhat surprised to count almost 50 tutorials created by me within a year.  That’s a simultaneous ‘woo hoo’ and ‘are you kidding me’ kind of moment. A way to go thought followed by a ‘you’re crazy.’  So….click on Tutorials to get a feel for all of the content that is there – you might find something interesting.

I’ve got a few March events in New York city towards the end of March – one at Adorama and another at MPEG.  Of course, we’ll have the AENY meeting there as well.

The Genesis Project has received some more comments and along with that some ideas for future articles or tutorials. I will be trying to get some of these done before NAB.  In the meantime, please keep the comments coming.

Gotta go!

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