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Independent Film, Blu-ray, Photoshop for free and other weekend ramblings

Three topics in one for a weekend post. I presented last night to a NY film crowd and wanted to share some thoughts about it as it relates to Adobe. Talk about some new Blu-ray numbers and of course jump on the bandwagon with Photoshop Express.  If any of the three sound exciting to you, then read on! ;-)  PS – they SHOULD sound exciting to you…

FIrst off, was the meeting with the Motion Pictures Editors Guild, not to be confused with the other MPEG: Motion Pictures Expert Group.  The former is all about the art and craft of filmmaking from the student all the way to the blockbuster.  The latter is about defining ways to make video and film easier via things like MPEG2 and MPEG4.

So, I got to present for about 40 minutes to potentially discuss all nine products of Production Premium.  That’s never a good idea and so, I boiled it down to the quintessential basics for making video/film – an NLE, some eye candy or vfx, and audio.

I presented Premiere Pro and talked about the emerging importance of metadata and tapeless workflows.  It was interesting to note that only one person was currently using a tapeless workflow (P2) but the entire audience was getting into it.  They realized the possibilities, timesavings and potential workflow benefits of divesting themselves of tape in the future. 

We had some great questions about can Premiere Pro do "ABC?" and the answer was usually yes. My presentation in this case revolved around integration to products that are used in every film workflow – Photoshop and After Effects, but expanded to talk about how you more broadcasters and film makers are using Premiere Pro to create.  The other thoughts that resonated last night and still for me this morning were:

  • launching Photoshop to create a title from within Premiere Pro
  • my perennial favorite – fixing audio in Soundbooth from Premiere Pro
  • my newly discovered favorite – After Effects – Premiere workflows: you can not only use Dynamic Link, but import Premiere Pro sequences or projects into After Effects and export Premiere Pro projects from After Effects. 

The last one to me bodes well for more edits being done by Premiere Pro – it strikes me as a very compelling workflow.

Moving on to Blu-ray, there are reports coming out about sales of Blu-ray players will dramatically increase now that Toshiba and company have thrown in the towel on HD-DVD.

I think this makes a ton of sense because now there is something that the consumers can feel confident about buying if they’re looking for a HD experience from a DVD. As a consumer who was probably better informed than most because of Adobe, I still didn’t run out to purchase a blu-ray, because I didn’t want to invest in something that could lose, even if I didn’t think it would.  Now that this is over, I’m thinking seriously of going out and getting a Sony PlayStation 3 to go along with my Wii simply because it will play Blu-ray discs.

Finally, I think the Photoshop Express product is a great start on a whole new world of creating and sharing content.  While I’m enormously proud of what Photoshop is and its impact on this world, I am also aware that it is not for everyone.  To be able to open up the basics of Photoshop and make it available to anyone for FREE is just awesome.  I think that grandparents and young technophobes can take a look at what this offers and embrace it.  My hunch is that it’s only the beginning too, which bodes well for our customers around the world.  If you haven’t given Photoshop a looksee yet, then click on here: Photoshop Express


How about Photoshop Express integrated as Air Application which can lead to offline/online workflow, since not all people are connected always and when the connect the Air app needs to sync with Adobe Photoshop Express site.

Any thoughts on this?

Do we really get tools like Marquee, Lasso in Photoshop Express?

[DR – Some great ideas – time will tell if they can happen!]

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