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Adobe Technology Preview on Adobe TV

In an earlier post I talked about some of our Adobe announcements and the most important of these to me was the technology preview demonstration that happened a couple of times during the four day NAB show.  When I did this post, I looked around on YouTube to see if someone had posted it, but no.  Well, I was pleased to hear that Adobe TV has quickly published a lot of the NAB content and so I wanted to include it here for you to view.

This really is one of those must see bits of video.  It isn’t short (probably about 20 minutes), but I think well worth the time investment.  What’s cool about it?  Well, below is the list of topics that Hart Shafer covers in the video:

  • Cinema DNG
  • Metadata which includes…
  • Speech to Text (my favorite and likely yours too)
  • Designing once for multiple devices (mobile authoring)
  • A new software tool for multimedia (Flash for the rest of us)

Each of these has potential impact and I’m not sure which one is the most important, but I have to say that the speech to text demo is quite compelling.  The idea of being able to translate audio into words and then using it for metadata to speed the editing process as well as add context to video online is quite compelling.

Cinema DNG could be huge if the industry wants to get behind it.  The question is do they want to get together.  I happened to be in on a meeting of many of the camera manufacturers and the initial conversation was quite positive.  Lets hope that this comes together because as film making becomes even more democratized, it will be more important than ever to get a unified means of moving and making digital films.

Flash for the rest of us is a promise that I hope we see realized soon.  The initial demo (the last one) is indicative of myself.  I’d like to do some interactive content, but Flash just doesn’t jive with me (much as I want it to).  The idea of being able to do Flash without knowing a ton of Actionscript is a good one.

Well, enough of me prattling on, take a look at the video embedded here or get it at Adobe TV ,  better yet, install the Adobe Media Player and subscribe to Adobe TV.

Finally, what do you think of the video?  Let me know your thoughts here with some comments.

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