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Adobe TV = ABC = Adobe Beginner Classes!

So much to talk about here and yet so little time with NAB coming up this weekend.  Adobe TV is an exciting new chapter in how Adobe presents resources, tutorials, news and content to users and anyone who has an interest in Adobe products.

Most importantly Adobe TV will be a channel in the now officially launched Adobe Media Player which you can get here.

This is a great way to get content downloaded automatically or streamed when you’re connected.  Right now Adobe TV is a streamed show, but I’m hoping to throw up more episodes at a higher quality level and have them available for download.  After all, I want the content to get out there as widely as possible.

I REALLY hope that you will go take a look at the Adobe TV and also get the Adobe Media Player to view it.  Just type Adobe TV in the Adobe Media Player and you’ll be exposed to all of the content.  Subscribe to my show and it will be downloaded into your catalog – pretty neat!

A couple of comments – the first and currently only show is 24 minutes long.  Some might say that’s great – others say it’s too long and I tend to agree. My shows will be about 15 minutes long so that it can be absorbed in one sitting. 

Things will be changing – Episode 2 and on already have some different things going on, but the essence of all the shows is the same – teaching basic, beginner concepts to people that are interested in learning Adobe video and audio products.

Anyway, take a look and be sure to get the Media Player and subscribe to my feed.  Tell your friends and have them subscribe.  Lets face it – I’m a shameless stat junkie and beside doing it because I love it, I do it so that I can see my stats! Just kidding…kind of.  no really. 

Stop by and meet me at NAB – I’ll be splitting time between the Panasonic, Canon and Adobe booths.  I would love to meet as many people who are reading my blog as possible.  Cheers!


Great tutorials. Just the sort of help I’ve been looking for to help me get started with After Effects.

[DR – Ron, so glad to hear it! Thanks for letting me know.]

I thought this was a great episode beside that fact that it was a little long. It’s tough to find quality video tutorials for the beginner and this is a great addition. I look forward to watching future episodes!

[DR – yeah, it was definitely a bit long, but as I may have mentioned, I will be targeting 15 minute chunks for the future. Thanks for your kind words and comments!]

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