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AE tutorial – another simple 3D Text example

Periodically, I throw a simple and easy project up here with little or no explanation. Today is such a day.

Some time ago, I was at ABC in NY and was there to answer questions about any Adobe products.  They are moving from Quantel to a desktop based workstation that includes Production Premium.  Well, one artist asked how to do the tall letters in perspective scrolling by, so I put it together in a few minutes and left it at that. Now months later, I am posting it for everyone to use. 

The project has 3 simple layers.  A background with some fractal noise animation, the text layer and finally the camera.  Explore this simple animation and reverse engineer how it’s done.  Of course, I know you’ll make it much better along the way – remember, I’m not an artist!

Download Another 3D Text Example Project

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