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HD Acquisition article from Event DV

Today, while wolfing down cold pizza for 5 minutes during work, I do what I usually do – skim a trade magazine.  Today it was Event DV.  It’s been around for a while and honestly I like the format a lot. For the back page editorial they have a long time writer in the tech/video space and that is Jan Ozer.  This month he wrote about HD acquisition and it was so relevant that I wanted to pass it on to you.

Here’s the article: The Moving Picture: Ingesting HD Acquisition

Why do I like it? Well, besides rehearsing the history of acquisition starting with the VHS tape, he spends just the right amount describing what each step was and why it was good and bad.  He goes through DV, HDV, Long GOP MPEG, and on through AVC HD, AVC-Intra and DVCPro HD.  Secondly, I like it because he ends the article with MXF and how it will be important for people to choose the right editor to edit MXF, especially if metadata is important to them.  You know where I stand on Adobe’s MXF editing – I think its the best hands down and only going to get better.  But, rather than me droning on about Adobe and metadata, take a look at the article and give it a read – I’m glad I did.

Happy Friday from your Adobe pal – Dennis

PS – To my AVC HD crowd – there’s something in there for you too, though nothing I haven’t really outlined already in my now famous post

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