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NAB Day 1: Adobe Premiere now supports XDCAM EX

Adobe continues to develop tapeless workflows and today announced native XDAM EX and XDCAM HD support. The update should be live today, along with an excellent new workflow video on Dave Helmly’s blog

XDCAM EX is interesting on one level because it offers true 1920×1080 frames in a long GOP MPEG2 format.  The data rate of this format is a mere 4.3MB/s meaning that it is one third the size of DVC Pro HD.  Of course, when you import the footage, it has an .mp4 extension, which isn’t what you’d expect.  Evidently, they encode MPEG2 and wrap it in a MPEG4 wrapper.

I’ve played with some XDCAM EX footage late last week and our file-based workflow is the same as it is with DVCProHD – awesome.  In a meeting Sunday with a large media company that was using XDCAM and getting XDCAM HD, they were really excited about not having to transcode or rewrapping.  Native editing is so important especially when you’ve got tight deadlines like news.

Adobe Press Release on Sony support

Also announced today is Cinema DNG (DNG stands for digital negative) which is the idea of an open standard for digital cinema files.  The idea to have a standard for digital film making would be a boon to both filmmakers and manufacturers alike.  While it will take a while to establish something like this, I think it is good for the industry to embrace and I’m glad that Adobe is leading the charge towards an open standard.

Adobe Press Release on Cinema DNG  

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