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NAB wrap up

NAB was tremendous as you might imagine and Adobe had a terrific presence and impact upon the attendees.  Adobe is what you might call a "destination" booth, but we don’t take anything for granted and so it was with great pleasure and relief that we had a packed booth from the opening of the show to the very last hour on Thursday.

In fact, I remarked to someone that most of the theater in our booth was full on the last presentation, even as streams of people were filing out to catch a cab to wherever.

First off, thanks to those of you who took the time to find me and introduce yourselves – it is SO great to meet and connect with you. Hopefully, after meeting me, you’ll still read the blog now and again! 😉

Around the booth, we did have a lot of other companies that no doubt benefited from and contributed to the general congestion that was in the area.  Most notably, the RED booth.  They introduced two cameras, each of which will be fascinating in their respective markets.  The one that struck me the most was a 3K camera for $3k. I certainly hope that Adobe will have RED on the Cinema DNG group and that viable workflows with Adobe and RED products will be a reality sooner rather than later. 

So, what was the buzz around the show floor this year?  Read on!

  • Sony XDCAM EX – definitely something that people are excited about.  It can do 1920×1080 both interlaced and progressive and record it at a measly 4.3 MB/s.  At least that is what I’ve encountered thus far. People love the EX1 and rate it a near perfect camera except it isn’t particularly well balanced.  The new camera didn’t have the same warm fuzzies – not because of the features like interchaneable lenses, XLR inputs, shoulder mount.  Rather, it was too expensive for the extra features.
  • The aforementioned RED booth. The revolution is in full swing, at least according to them and I’m inclined to agree.
  • AVC-Intra from Panasonic – DVC Pro HD is big and the new AVC-Intra has seemingly been greeted with warm applause.  I was asked if we supported AVC intra several times while doing a pod (the answer is no for now)
  • Adobe technology preview.  While I didn’t see it personally, I know what it contained and more importantly I had a gaggle of people come up to me to talk to me about how cool it was.  The speech-to-text feature allows you to convert audio dialog to actual text.  Why is that cool?  Well, what if you want to condense a baseball game to just all of the important plays.  Simply search for words like "strikeout and double?"  There are tons of potential applications that are possible here. That was only one of 5 bits that we presented.
  • Adobe Media Player was also hot.  We had 3 "living rooms" that had a big screen TV running a PC or Mac with the Adobe Media Player.  People were watching CSI, Star Trek and my own personal favorite, The Twilight Zone.  I’ll leave it to others to comment on the number of people downloading and using AMP, but it is encouring to be sure!

I had a number of meetings and more than ever before I heard from other manufacturers that they wanted to forge closer relationships with Adobe.  Whether its because their customers are using Adobe or because they see a value to it doesn’t matter.  Its a win for customers which is what really counts.

Lastly, I should mention that I typed this on the plane ride back from Las Vegas and I was struck by one thing very clearly.  in case you don’t know, both Sony and Panasonic have HUGE offices in NJ and yet it still struck me how there were a bunch of Panasonic and Sony people on the plane.  Not surprisingingly, I didn’t really see them chatting much with each other! 😉

I could certainly write more and perhaps I shall…but for now, know that NAB was probably the best yet for Adobe


You may not remember me from NAB, Dennis (I asked you about converting 23.976 HDV clips to 29.97), but I wanted to say thanks for taking the time to talk with me. I look forward to seeing future blog installments, and seeing what you and the other folks at Adobe come up with. I really left NAB with a sense of excitement about what future tools you all are creating, and a real sense of pride in being an Adobe (and Premiere Pro) user.

And if there’s any way you can get me one of those red Adobe t-shirts, I’ll owe you one!

[DR – Eric, thanks for the comment and glad to hear that the blog is useful for you – I wish I had more time to work on it right now.

Like you, I am very excited about Adobe’s direction. We’re just thinking about the right things and executing on them, so it is with a great deal of anticipation that I look forward to the rest of this year.

As for the red t-shirt, I think they’re all gone. Plenty of pins though – I’m having a whole box shipped to me!]

Thanks for the update Dennis! I so wish i had been able to be there this year!

A little side note i searched “NAB” on Google news, and then noticed the new Blogs filter on the left. Your Blog was 3rd on the list! Just thought you would like to know my friend. “Oh Oh, its Dennis!” heh, i was excited.

Your awesome bro,

[DR – Awrr Gawsh! Thanks Matt. See you soon.]

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