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Adobe Beginner Classes Episode #2 is now live

Finally!  I apologize, but while I’ve had a number of shows done for over a month, the part of posting them is still somewhat of a manual process.  I am sure that it will improve but in the meantime, I’m glad to say that the second installment is up there.

As I may have already mentioned, I’ve changed a couple of things.  The first episode was just too long. I’m trying to keep my programs down to around 15 minutes to keep them ‘easily digestible.’  Of course, my programs can be downloaded and viewed any time via the Adobe Media Player.  That way, you can view it at your leisure or pick it up where you left off.

A couple of other changes as well – I’ve increased the encoding size and consequently, the file size of my short program is about the same as before.  However, I think that it’s important that you be able to see and hear me well, so we’ll ignore the Adobe bit police who hand down enoding decrees from on high… okay, most of that is a complete fabrication, but we were given encoding guidelines…

So, what’s in this episode?  Well, we dive use some sample files included with Photoshop to learn how to use the healing brush. We also take a look at how to use Levels and to cap it off, we check out Resource Central that is a part of Adobe Soundbooth.  I hope you’ll find it worth your while all the way around.

All right, enough of this, onward to our ABC’s!


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