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New Mocha AE tutorial available

While After Effects is generally terrific at most things there is always room for improvement (believe it or not).  It’s another reason why I’m always emphasizing the plugins and Adobe ecosystem.  One area that Adobe After Effects is merely okay at is tracking.  Point tracking is good for many things, but if you’re doing corner pinning and perspective, point tracking becomes a bit trickier.

One of a few tracking systems that are available is called Mocha AE from Imagineer Systems.  They offer a ‘planar’ tracking system which is different than a pixel based one.  Ross Shain, a friend of mine who works at Imagineer recently emailed me about a new tutorial he had done specifically around Mocha AE for After Effects users and so I am passing it on to you to evaluate. Give it a watch and perhaps a spin when you next need a tracking shot.

Mocha AE tutorial for After Effects

As a reminder, I did a short tutorial on After Effects tracking some time ago.  I’ll post the link to it when I have a better connection.

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