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NYC Adobe event update – 5/29

Adobe is extending an open invitation to join us and many other exciting vendors as we recap what went on at NAB. It’s happening on May 29th, near B&H at the New Yorker hotel. Read on to get all of the event details and to register.

But first a word from our organizer…me. I’m really excited about this and hope that you agree with me on the format of the event. Rather than have you come and hear about the latest from Adobe, while very cool and important isn’t the whole part of the story. If you’ve read a few of my posts, you’ll probably already know how strongly I feel about the importance of partners. After all, video production isn’t about any single tool, much as all of us vendors might like it to be. You use a lot of tools in concert to create whatever it is you’re doing. Thus is the genesis of my idea for this event – bring a bunch of partners together (some cooperative and some competitive) based on the idea of the Adobe ecosystem and present them, their products and whatever news and announcements they bring to you.

Additionally, rather than have the event be static where you sit and we talk, it is a twofold event. In one area, you’ll have a large room where many of the vendors will present their products and workflows throughout the day in rapid fire 20 minute presentations. I hope that one of the highlights to these 20 minute demos will be a 20 minute technology preview demo of some stuff we’re working on that I think you will find VERY helpful.

The other part of the event will be a ‘mini-tradeshow.’ Each of the sponsors will have a table in a foyer area where you can visit and talk to in order to get all of the answers to your questions. I don’t think that anyone attending the event will necessarily be staying to watch all of the presentations. I think people will stay for several and also walk around the floor talking to the sponsors.

The event will have onsite representation from Adobe, AJA, Blackmagic Design, B&H, CalDigit, DigiEffects, GenArts, Grid Iron, Matrox, Maxon, MOTU, Wacom and Zoomin Online (aka Magnet Media).


As I’ve mentioned before, there will be a lot of prizes that are being offered. You see a lot of hardware companies and therefore it stands to reason that we’ll be giving away a lot of hardware. I haven’t tallied it up, but I’m confident that we’ll have at least $10,000k in prizes to give away during the day. Say it with me, “Ssswwwweeeet!” Let it never be said that I didn’t appeal to your desire for free stuff!

Picture 1.png
Lastly, while I’ve met many great people over the years, there are many more whom I haven’t and I always enjoy when people take the time to come up and introduce themselves. Perhaps we’ve corresponded, or you’ve subscribed to this blog or even seen me at an event in the past. I’d love for you to walk up and say hello and introduce yourself. While I may seem scatterbrained on the day of the event, I am genuinely happy when someone comes up to say, “I read your blog”, “You told me to come and say hi” or even “Adobe has ticked me off, let me tell you why!” Admittedly, the last one is my least favorite, but at least you’re giving us the chance to change that perception or correct the problem. So, whatever the reason, I hope that you’ll join us, become better informed and have some fun in the process….See you there.


Thanks for informing your readers on the event, Dennis. Looking forward to meet you at the event.

[DR – Ditto]

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