A big Kuler update – color picking made easy

The team working on Kuler has done it again. Recently, the group updated the AIR version of the application and added some new features.  If you’re tired of spending time trying to pick some great colors for your next design, you should read on.

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Wonder How To? Me too.

Everyone is always looking for training content on how to learn software products like After Effects.  It’s one of my most common questions I receive when I’m meeting customers.  It doesn’t matter if it’s the guy who is editing his baby videos as a hobby at night or its ABC in NY – they’re hungry to learn more.

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Update: Premiere Pro & AVC HD revisited – a list of solutions

AVC HD has been a topic that has dominated a previous post
where the comments are really the topic as opposed to the topic itself. This post has driven a large portion of my overall traffic, which has been humbling as I’d like to see more of it go to
my tutorials and content (hint, hint, sniffle.)… Of course, I dig getting people on the site at all, so what they hey – hit me wherever! 😉

Gosh, haven’t left the first paragraph and I’m already digressing…Lets see, ah yes AVC HD.

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AENY: a new place & logo

The After Effects New York meeting will be auditioning a new space since we’ve grown too large for Pratt.  BTW – many thanks to Pratt for their great space and open friendship.

We’ll be a PS41 which is at 116 West 11th street (corner of 6th ave) and the space can hold up to 400 people. Let’s give the place a great first meeting!

As for the meeting itself, Jim has done a great job of lining up some terrific presentations.

Mark Coleran is a visual FX artist who has worked on a number of major films including the Bourne films and Alien vs. Predator.

John Montgomery is one of the founders of which is a great site and he’s also done work for McDonalds, Disney and others.

In addition, we’ve got an official new logo.  I think it’s pretty spiffy. Give it a look and tell me what you think.

AE Tutorial: Using Text as a shape layer

The included video here is spastic, almost distracting but it does show one way to easily create that kind of chaotic text that has been popular over the last couple of years.

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Premiere Tip: Using subclips

One of the things about the old Premiere 6.5 and earlier was the lack of ability to create clips from larger clips.  We would mark an in and an out and take it to the timeline.  That instance of the clip on the timeline was the only reference to that piece of video in the project. If I needed it again, then I would have to recreate the in/out or copy and paste the instance to the timeline again.

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Checking in with Adobe’s Customer Stories

I will plead guilty to the following – I don’t go to Adobe’s customer stories page very often.  It could be because I am often aware of many of the stories going on or that I’m just inunated with other things, so that I rarely have the free time to watch them. That’s going to change.

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Adobe Beginner Classes Episode #3 is live

Adobe Beginner Classes (ABC’s) episode #3 is now officially live on Adobe TV.  During this episode, we dive into the basic properties of After Effects and how to animate them. We take a look at keyframing and properties like position, scale, rotation and opacity.  If you’ve wanted to get a tutorial that was the ultimate in basic After Effects, this is the one for you.

Getting back to content

Last year, I was cranking out content, tutorials, posts, news bits and more on a regular basis.  Somewhat unfortunately, I’ve been doing a lot of different work for Adobe in the past several months that has kept me from getting a regular rhythm to posting this year.  I’m not complaining about these changes – I’ve been doing some exciting stuff… 😉 but I truly like to blog and provide some ideas and tutorials that can help people.

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