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Checking in with Adobe’s Customer Stories

I will plead guilty to the following – I don’t go to Adobe’s customer stories page very often.  It could be because I am often aware of many of the stories going on or that I’m just inunated with other things, so that I rarely have the free time to watch them. That’s going to change.

Give it a look in the link below because you’ll be surprised by all of the cool stuff that is there.  Not only is there the big blockbuster stuff, but also some very interesting high profile stuff that isn’t quite as mainstream as Superman Returns.

I just gave a quick watch to the Gene Generation piece and enjoyed hearing the director talk up how the movie was made with Photoshop and AE for the visual FX.  The Madonna piece is also interesting.  Some is newer and some a bit older, but there’s no denying the conclusion – Adobe is a big part of video and film creation.

Adobe Customer Stories

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