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Getting back to content

Last year, I was cranking out content, tutorials, posts, news bits and more on a regular basis.  Somewhat unfortunately, I’ve been doing a lot of different work for Adobe in the past several months that has kept me from getting a regular rhythm to posting this year.  I’m not complaining about these changes – I’ve been doing some exciting stuff… 😉 but I truly like to blog and provide some ideas and tutorials that can help people.

So, next week is my first week where I don’t have something huge hanging over me that must be taken care of immediately.  As such, I will try and give some solid time to my readership and post up some stuff.  Bits, thoughts and hopefully some simple things for you to play with.

The thing that most surprises me is that you’re coming to the site more and more – my stats continue to expand…and not just because of my AVC HD post.  New people find this blog and grab a hold of something and regular people keep coming back.

So, for all of your loyalty and trust, let me say thanks and hopefully we’ll have some fun together next week with some content.



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