Adobe Beginner Classes – Bootleg edition

Many Adobe employees are somewhat, for lack of a better description, "sick in the head" because they are so into creating content and what they do, that they play with their stuff on the weekends. 

Guilty as charged…

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Red Camera support!

Some big news came today from the founder of Red Camera.  From Jim Jannard:

"Within a week, RED R3D files will open natively on in CS3 Premiere Pro and After Effects."

Here’s the link

Let the shouting, cheering and conversation begin!

Adobe Beginner Classes Episode #6 is live!

You know the routine by now – right?  You should watch it via the Adobe Media Player because then the contents is yours to review whenever it’s convenient for you.  Of course you can also watch it via Adobe TV and finally, you can get it by watching it right here.  As always, let me know any comments about what you like, don’t like, etc. via this blog’s comments feature.  Enjoy!

Toolfarm hosting a free After Effects plugin download is hosting a free Boris FX After Effects plugin.  It’s a kind of ‘shine’ effect but it’s got some nice features to it and hey, it’s my favorite price – FREE so if you’re interested give it a look.  Of course you have to fill your name and email address but I figure it’s worth it for a fully functional free plugin.  While you’re at it, you can download several trials on the same page.  However, it’s a limited time deal, so you better hurry if your interested.

Get it all here

"Holy Hot Looks Batman, they’re Magic Bullets!"

I’ve got to admit that having access to almost any plugin that works with an Adobe product is a huge amount of fun and a burden.  Why would it be a burden?  Two reasons: First, you want to support your partners and give them props where it makes sense but not all of them make first class products.  Second, there are so many that you can’t realistically stay on top of them.

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New Adobe Media Player available

"New Adobe Media Player – old news already"

Sure I know that many people have already posted on the new Adobe Media Player, but hey, "better late than never!"

The truth is that many people have not already heard about the new version or have not launched their current version in the last few days.  If that’s you, then launch it and you’ll be prompted to download the latest version which is 1.1.  The new version tweeks the interface in several ways including the main layout, and lightening the interface color.  The catalog of shows is growing ever larger and the new version makes them a bit easier to find.  I have to say there is a TON of stuff now – enough that there is definitely something there for everyone and best of all it is FREE!!!

When it’s all said and done, go to and get the Media Player if you haven’t already.  Once you’ve got it going, I want you to subscribe to my Adobe TV show…Yes, right away. 😉

After Effects Tutorial: Information Slate 2008

So, here I am in Indianapolis teaching teachers about Production Premium and I had a couple of hours to set up my assets in a Mac-centric lab.  Of course they had Final Cut Studio on the systems as well and because my 200gb hard drive is desperately full already, I have not been able to install a copy on my laptop yet. Where’s that 2.5″ terabyte drive when you need one? 😉

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Adobe Beginner Classes Episode #5 is live!

I have to admit that we haven’t been regular about getting these episodes posted on a two week basis.  I’m still working out the kinks but the good news is that you get a new episode this time after only a week!

This episode covers an extended bit on how to create better audio with Soundbooth and Audition as well as utilizing Photoshop’s Actions panel to make certain video tasks easier.  You can watch it here, at Adobe TV or via the Adobe Media Player

Tell me what you like and don’t like – it helps me and others to shape our tutorials to what you want to know!

The Colbert Report : 7-16-08

I was graciously invited to The Colbert Report after showing them some of the Speech-to-Text capabilities of Soundbooth CS4 which is available on Adobe Labs

This technology is opening eyes up all over broadcast as collecting information, called metadata is becoming increasingly important in both content creation and delivery.  As I’ve mentioned before, if I have converted the dialog to text, it is now searchable, so I can find the clips I need faster.  From a delivery point of view, it is easy to take that metadata and apply it as tags in a web page.  Cool and cooler…

The experience of going to the studio was great and so was the show.  As a guy who is most often looking at content after a show has been done, it’s neat to see it happen before your eyes and believe me there is a ton of work that goes into making this happen!

What was a special treat for me was the fact that the guest was non-other than my favorite band as a kid, RUSH.  This was their first televised show in over 30 years and it was neat to see them close up.

Free seems to be a theme

You guys love free, you scream for free… Sing it with me, "I scream, you scream, we all scream for"  Wait a second, that doesn’t work here.

ANYWAY, I’ve noticed that entries like free After Effects plugins seem to get some traffic long after the post is valid.  The good news is that there is always a ton of stuff that you can dig around and get for free if you’re looking for it.

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