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After Effects Tutorial: Information Slate 2008

So, here I am in Indianapolis teaching teachers about Production Premium and I had a couple of hours to set up my assets in a Mac-centric lab.  Of course they had Final Cut Studio on the systems as well and because my 200gb hard drive is desperately full already, I have not been able to install a copy on my laptop yet. Where’s that 2.5″ terabyte drive when you need one? 😉

So, with a little time to kill, I fire up Motion 3 and noodle around.  In reviewing the templates in Motion, I was like "I can do that!" and thus the genesis of the current project tutorial for your review.

I will always come back to the idea that if its simple, you should know about it.  Most of the content I see out there is just plain easy if you know what to do and chances are you can do it better than other people anyway – my own work is proof positive that you can do better!!!

Download the project file from the link – it’s a whopper at about 15MB and I’ll be posting some step-by-step directions later.

The tutorial focuses again on the use of presets and also touches upon blend modes.  As always, I appreciate any comments – good or bad.

Get it here: Information Slate 2008 Project Download

Update: I’ve typed up the instructions so you can recreate it or better yet build your own. Enjoy!
Download Project Tutorial PDF



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