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"Holy Hot Looks Batman, they’re Magic Bullets!"

I’ve got to admit that having access to almost any plugin that works with an Adobe product is a huge amount of fun and a burden.  Why would it be a burden?  Two reasons: First, you want to support your partners and give them props where it makes sense but not all of them make first class products.  Second, there are so many that you can’t realistically stay on top of them.

With that said, I have to enthusiastically and proactively tell you that I’ve played with several of the Red Giant Software products of late and they are simply stunning.  The 3D Stroke plugin is one of those plugins that you may not know about but are seeing all of the time. 

Again, Red Giant has kindly let me view all of their plugins, but I hadn’t explored Magic Bullet looks until I had a need to reproduce some more ‘cinematic’ looks that Premiere Pro could not do easily. 

Wow. Without diving into the toolsets and giving you a tutorial, let me say that the final output of the clips, the control that is possible, the speed at which the plugins perform, the performance inside of Adobe applications and the quality of the interface thoroughly impressed me. These guys know what they are doing and have a clear direction of where they are going. Kudos to the boys over at Red Giant and a big hat tip to ToolFarm.com for responding quickly to my email!

Best of all, nearly all of these plugins are Mac and PC and not only work on After Effects but in Premiere Pro.  If your a Premiere Pro user who wants to get ahead by adding some spice to your production, consider some Red Giant plugins, I am confident that you will not be disappointed!

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and here to get larger versions with annotations.

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