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Red Camera support!

Some big news came today from the founder of Red Camera.  From Jim Jannard:

"Within a week, RED R3D files will open natively on in CS3 Premiere Pro and After Effects."

Here’s the link

Let the shouting, cheering and conversation begin!


I suggest that instead of using the floating titler, you integrate it into a new workspace. Just drag all of the parts of the titler window to the same panel as the Source Monitor. Then make the workspace panels the right size to work easily. Save the new workspace. Then hotkey to that workspace when you need to create a title. The parts of the panel don’t resize when you do it that way.

[DR – Steven, you of all people should know what to do with that idea – submit a feature request to premierewishlist @ adobe DOT com.

That being said, I completely agree with you.]

I think what James may be refering to is a bug in CS3 that resizes the title window every time you open it. It’s VERY annoying, and I wish they would issue a fix for it.

[DR – Ahh, you got me there. However, to steer the conversation back to the Red, it’s a terrific news for users everywhere.]

That’s great, but when will Adobe fix CS3’s titler? It’s worse than v2.0’s titler!

[DR – James, I’m not sure I’m with you on that one. Perhaps the easiest solution for you, would be to use Photoshop as your titler. You can create a correct PSD right from within Premiere Pro.]

Awesome…just flat out awesome! I’m assuming this will be coming through a patch of some sort? Will it be from Adobe or Red?

[DR – obviously this is new for everyone. Adobe and Red have been in communication with this goal in mind. However, to my knowledge (that’s my escape clause), this workflow has been really developed by RED.

As I get more information, I will let you know.]

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