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The Colbert Report : 7-16-08

I was graciously invited to The Colbert Report after showing them some of the Speech-to-Text capabilities of Soundbooth CS4 which is available on Adobe Labs

This technology is opening eyes up all over broadcast as collecting information, called metadata is becoming increasingly important in both content creation and delivery.  As I’ve mentioned before, if I have converted the dialog to text, it is now searchable, so I can find the clips I need faster.  From a delivery point of view, it is easy to take that metadata and apply it as tags in a web page.  Cool and cooler…

The experience of going to the studio was great and so was the show.  As a guy who is most often looking at content after a show has been done, it’s neat to see it happen before your eyes and believe me there is a ton of work that goes into making this happen!

What was a special treat for me was the fact that the guest was non-other than my favorite band as a kid, RUSH.  This was their first televised show in over 30 years and it was neat to see them close up.


Other than Colbert cutting them off it was great to see them on TV. Must have been fun to see live.

[DR – Indeed it was fun to see. Steve jumping in there was just part of his character and I had no real problem with it. Evidently, the boys are big fans of his show and so that’s how he got them on. His show will start tonight with him still sleeping waiting for them to finish!

The crowd was screaming to have them play one more song, but Neil was not having any of it. Oh well, it was still a great experience.]

Its been 33 years, WOW!

I remember RUSH as teen and it was great seeing and hearing them again


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