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Adobe Beginner Classes Episode #8 is live!

As more and more episodes get posted, I will write less and less about each one…  I’d rather you just watch it and figure it out for yourselves! 😉

Anyway, this one dives into Premiere Pro PIPs in a deeper way giving you the tools on how to create a sophisticated PIP look like "24" or the recent movie, Vantage Point.  As always, leave a comment here if you get the chance.


the graphical/commercial introduction to this video is also great. would love to see how something like that is done.

[DR – As if you had to ask! 😉 The open is done with After Effects and Photoshop. My good friend Aharon Rabinowitz did it for me with some input from me on the concept. If you search Creative Cow you may be able to find some elements of the open as I know he did a tutorial on part of it.]

love it, thanks!

This is a video tutorial that I am looking for a long time. I used to use the built-in denoise effect to elimate the background noise, but the result is not so good. This alternative method can really help.
BTW,Denise. Can you demonstate some examples for proper uses of those built-in audio correction effects?

[DR – I’ll try when I can get back to Adobe TV stuff.]

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