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After Effects Tutorial: Adjustment Layers and Track Mattes

Adjustment Layers as a term sounds very perplexing and perhaps just downright weird.  It sounds like I should be talking about Chiropractors instead of After Effects.  Nevertheless, adjustment layers are one of the most powerful tools for an AE artist and if you’re willing to read through the attached tutorial, I give a couple of minor examples on how to harness the power of this under utilized feature.

Along the way, I will also show you a simple example on using Track Mattes – a wonderful tool displaying your video in unique shapes – in this case text.  Yes, video text is within your grasp and it’s easy with track mattes!

Finally, I happen to show you how to use Motion Sketch as a means to input real-time position data into layers within your composition.

So, download the project file and come along for a triple whammy tutorial!

Adjustment Layer and Masks Tutorial


I’m confused … where is the tutorial or the project file?

[DR – Doh! You got me Philip. I’ve updated the post to reflect both a PDF tutorial and the actual project file. My apologies and thanks!]

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