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ABC Episode #9 and a request for your requests…

Until now, all of the episodes have focused on content, features or aspects of Adobe products that I completely know backwards and forwards.  In the case of Episode #9, I confess that my skills with Illustrator are somewhat limited.  But…that is the whole point of doing the show and of course, the whole idea behind both the Genesis Project and Adobe Beginner Classes!  You see, it’s about learning how to do things.  Are you afraid of After Effects and Photoshop?  Well, I was too! Episode #9 was a reminder to me of why I do what I do and it confirmed to me that it has value to you.  I hope you enjoy this show.

On that same note, there is only one more episode that I have cue’d up before the CS4 announcement – I will be taking a short break (perhaps intersperced with a bootleg here and there) to think up some new episodes. I would really, really, REALLY, REALLY like to hear your ideas on basic things you would like to learn.  After all, I’m doing it for you and not for myself. So take a moment, and make a comment here on what you’d like to see


blogs.adobe.com rocks! I found a lot of new information on blogs.adobe.com and I liked it a lot. Good job! I will be back.

sir, you continue to employ us to use adobe media player, sorry but some, and so far it is rick harringtons stuff, come through very stacotto,herky jerky as it were.works great on adobe tv.and yas i have a very fast connection, last time i checked it was 2.5 meg.

[DR – bummer! I haven’t had problems unless they came from Akamai, but regardless, you shouldn’t have these kinds of problems. If I hear of anything, I’ll be sure to let you know. Until then, do what ever is going to work for you! ;-)]

I think it’s sad that you don’t get more comments. I just recently found this Blog and thought “WOW! Jackpot!” I’d hate to think that your efforts would go unnoticed or recognized so I just thought I would say THANKS!!

So here’s my list of stuff:

I’d like an episode on some ‘skill’ building test/challenges. You could show us something new and then challenge us to make several different media elements that use that newly learned skill. I usually learn by doing and if I do something a few different ways, it seems to sink in better.


Could you list a bunch of common ‘problems’ to be fixed after getting images or shooting video. Sort of like workflow, but more of a “Here is what I fix first” sort of thing.

Thanks again!

[DR – I’m blushing…Thanks for the kind words – they always go a long way. If you want tutorial content, click on the tutorials link on the right hand side, you should find a bunch…

The idea of skill building is interesting – hmmm. It may require some thought on my part. Maybe a small contest with some Adobe schwag? hmmm…

The other one I will take under advisement if there is an appropriate method for addressing this.

THanks, Dennis]

Sure thing – glad the list turned out to be useful. I look forward to future tutorials.

Thanks for more great information. I really appreciate you and others from Adobe putting so much time and effort into sharing what you know. It is one of the reasons I’m happy to be a loyal Adobe product user.

Some suggestions on other topics might include the following. I know a couple are not purely software related – I wasn’t sure how wide you wanted the ideas to reach. Also, I’ve been following you for a while, but haven’t seen all your posts. If you’ve already done any of this, my apologies.
– Video shooting tips.
– Reverse engineering effects seen on movies/TV in After Effects/Premiere. I know that some would easily eclipse the simple side of things – others might be fairly beginner. The pieces you did on Discover Channel are a great example of this.
– Workflow tricks. Any specific ways you flow from AE to Premiere? Other smilar tips?
– Creative Inspirations – I’d love to see some video that follows you around for a bit. A day in the life sort of thing would be really interesting.
– After Effects Expressions for dummies.
– Your favorite/most common export settings and why you use them.
– Creating a Star Wars light sabre effect (this may not be easy at all – I’ve just always wanted to learn how to do it).
– After Effects/Flash integration. What’s the best way to get them to work together? When do they work well together?

Thanks again,

[DR – now see folks, this is the kind of comment I’m looking for – something to sink my teeth into! Thank you Brian – I’ve printed your requests and will review and possibly comment further on them here. Great post…]

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