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After Effects Expressions resource

As I’ve said to co-workers, After Effects expressions is always one of my New Year’s resolutions.  I grab bits and pieces along the year and am very slowly building up a little knowledge about what is possible with expressions.

The other day I was asked by a co-worker how to do something in After Effects and my response caused me to dig in and learn about a great little expression called LoopOut which facilitates looping of a given animation. While he was looking, he came across a website that goes into the basics of expressions and consequently, I wanted to pass them on to you. This site has a lot of good information on AE expressions and if you’re even mildly interested, you’ll want to bookmark it.

Introduction to Expressions

While I’m at it, I should point you to Dan Ebbert’s wonderful site on all things expressions.

Dan Ebbert’s MotionScript


helllllp i need free tinderbox plug-ins urgently.

[DR – download the trials and pony up the cash if you really need them. I’m one of those radical guys that says if software provides value, then you should pay for it. ;-)]

Totally agree with Greg – great set of resources.

It can often be really difficult to find useful/more comprehensive resources on the technical side of design-oriented apps.

Thanks for posting them,

Thanks Dennis!

These sites are awesome!
Sometimes getting the time to sit down and learn it ’til it sinks in is the hardest part.

[DR – Hi Greg,

Glad you’ll get something out of these sites. I agree that investing the time is the most difficult part.

I was reflecting yesterday that if I didn’t have the luxury of HAVING to learn these apps, how much would I invest into learning them? Also, as a musician, I recognize that there must sometimes be the muse to get the creative juices flowing to write music. In the same way, I notice that I am sometimes more interested in learning new things as a means of expanding my creative toolbox.

Coming full circle, I really like the two resources I’ve posted here and think that anyone that wants to invest a little time in them will be richly rewarded with knowledge….]

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