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The crowd roars for CS4

The live announcement and presentation of Creative Suite 4 is tomorrow and I’ve had a blast telling people about it, responding to comments on another blog entry and of course talking to customers.

How does this entry tie into the title?  Well, in the last few weeks it has felt like I’m at the big game and the crowd roars for the home team (Adobe) and as a player on the team, you get a huge charge of excitement from the roar of the crowd. 

The last couple of weeks, I’ve been busy showing off the product and getting ready and it is somewhat like the above.  People have given great feedback on what we’ve accomplished and I’m tremendously proud to be part of such an effort and hence the somewhat cliche and sappy analogy… 😉

One small point about this before the big announcement tomorrow.  If you consider that the video team released CS3 in July of ’07, delivered substantial updates of P2 and XDCAM updates in the interim and still had enough time to get CS4 out the door, it really points to an incredibly talented and focused individuals who were able to pull of such an incredible feat.  If you ever meet an Adobe engineer, make sure you give them a hearty congratulations! 


This week will be a busy one and if you’re around the New York area, I’d like to mention a couple of events that I’ll be at so you can be among the first to get a real live CS4 presentation (at least for video!).

HD Expo is coming up (9/25) and I’m doing a 2 hour workshop (one of my first presentations – so wish me luck and come with encouraging words! 😉  Here’s a blog entry to chase down the details and sign up.

TekServe will be hosting a small informal gathering on September 29th.  I’ll be there along with an invitation to Sony and we’ll be doing CS4 along with a show of tapeless workflows with XDCAM EX.  Here’s where you can sign up.

Our AENY meeting is also on Thursday, September 25th and while we won’t be showing off After Effects CS4 there per se, I will be there to take questions if you want to come up to talk to me.

Looking into October, it looks like we’ll be at HD World as well, so I hope that you’ll stop by and say hello if you’re coming to the show.


Until tomorrow,



Gotcha – that makes sense, thanks for the quick reply.

Generally, I have a decent tolerance for slower playback speed – mostly, I just want to make sure it exports properly. I’m sure minimum system specs will be listed – do you have any recommended system specs – especially related to PCs?

[DR – specs will be posted sometime tomorrow, but I will say that there’s nothing that will appear as an eye opener for you. The same things apply – number of CPU cores you have, total memory, GPU and disk speed, probably in that order.

I think the memory is the big one people should look at. With 64bit operating systems, customers will be able to address greater than 4gb of memory. That will be significant for some of the CS4 applications.

Okay, now off to practicing some CS4 demos! ;-)]

I’m really looking forward to it. Thanks for keeping the flow of information coming.

Once the cat is officially out of the bag, if you have time I’d like to hear your additional thoughts on AVCHD support. Several other products (Vegas, etc.) claim AVCHD support, but the reality is sometimes different.

I have a Canon HF-100, for example, and I haven’t been able to find a program yet that lists AVCHD support and actually WORKS the way it should (Vegas, for example, drops frames, doesn’t export properly at full resolution, etc. – I think they really only support Sony’s flavor).

I’m really looking forward to CS4 as I trust Adobe way more than others when they list something as supported. With that said, I’d still like to hear what you have to say about it.

Thanks again,

[DR – Brian, the problem with AVCHD and one of the reasons we took so long to get it done is that it is very CPU intensive for playback and editing. This is the next “MPEG2” thing that we have to deal with. If you go back about 7-8 years, MPEG2 was new on the scene and it was very difficult to playback on the systems of the day. The same problem exists with AVCHD. As for Vegas and others, I don’t know their solutions, so can’t truly comment on them.]

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