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Want your first peek at CS4 Production Premium? Today’s the day!

Talk about no notice, I know!  However, between the schedule of Adobe and of course keeping a number of things quiet on the CS4 front, I saved posting about an eSeminar that I am doing today until…today…

If you’d like to sign up (and I’d love to meet you virtually!), then please click on the link for a brief one hour eseminar that will give you your first glimpse into what makes CS4 tick.  It’s at 2PM EST today.

Register now


I thought I was tracking things closely, but I’m totaly lost in regard to Adobe Creative Suite 4 Production Premiumhe availability date. Can you help me?

[DR – Sometime in October]

Well I ordered it immediately… CS4….so I will have to wait until October 14 til they can ship it. I am so excited about the AVCHD capabilities 🙂 I was tempted to take it via Downloads….but had too much trouble the last time…thought this would be safer.

Soooo Dennis, if you are going to do any tutorials in the meantime…I will be watching and learning from them….so I will know what to look for when my package arrives. 🙂


[DR – Heather, my partner Dave Helmly has done a video on AVCHD. You can get it here http://blogs.adobe.com/davtechtable/

Thanks for your support and good luck!]

I attended your seminar today Dennis. Great job! Your knowledge and enthusiasm (and all the great new features) made it much more enjoyable than the average web cast.

More complete Dynamic link, AVCHD, better media browsing, the stand alone media encoder – this looks to be a great release.

Also, while I’m on the topic, thanks again for maintaining a great blog. The content is interesting, information and fresh. Even better, though, is the attention you pay to it – frequent responses to your commenters (like me) and other details really set you apart above many other bloggers out there.

I hope the management/others at Adobe know how great a job you’re doing.

Thanks again!

[As Goofy would say, “aw gawsh!”

Glad to hear that you approve. We work hard for every release but I’m particularly excited about this one.

I’ve got to try and put some more time into the blog, I’d like to do a few tutorials but the schedule has been CRAZY. Plus, I have so much more traffic at Adobe TV with the ABC’s program that its tempting to put all of the stuff right there.

Anyway, thanks again.]

You mentioned today that Adobe will support OMF import in the future. Will that be with CS 4 or later?
Thanks, Barry

[DR – Hi Barry, I’m not sure, let me check]


Plan to be there.

I’ll be there!

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