Adobe Product Trials are live

As a lover of ‘try before you buy’ it is with a great amount of pleasure that I let you know that Adobe has published a link for evaluating our CS4 suites (in all configurations.)

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Empower your Adobe apps with free downloads

I’ve blogged on the Adobe exchange website and the downloads that pervade before, but since I came across several new things, I’m mentioning it again so that you guys can check it out yourselves.

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Flash SWF’s into Premiere Pro?

I find it continually amazing that even though I work for Adobe, there are things that I hear within and without the organization that I didn’t know about a product that I think I know very well.  Such is the case with learning that I can import a Flash SWF file into my Premiere Pro timeline and have it play.

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Free After Effects Plug-in and a great resource

Yeah, that word FREE really grabs you, doesn’t it? ;-)  That’s all right, it grabs me too.

During our AENY meeting, Aharon and Jim mentioned about a free plug-in that did 3D extrusion.  Sign me UP!

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Mix and match – the incredible flexibility of Premiere Pro

Recently, I had the opportunity in Boston to do something I had never done before: a “Non-linear editing shootout!”  I agreed to do it with some trepidation because such things can be skewed or slanted.  My concern was that this thing be thought out with objectivity because the simple fact is that unless the format is laid out properly, chances are one NLE will stand out from the others and no one will get the benefit of seeing what an individual product can do.

Suffice it to say that it turned out to be a very enlightening experience for me, so I wanted to tell you about it.

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Adobe Beginner Classes Episode #11 is live!

’nuff said? Read on for misc. news

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Adobe Beginner Classes Episode #10 is Live (and it’s CS4)

I wanted to get this out to my blogging readers and mention that I did a quick “Top 10” After Effects feature on Adobe TV. I broke from my regular format because it was taking too much time and users like yourselves wanted to get some information on CS4…Who am I to argue with that? 😉

So, take a look and let me know what you think. Enjoy…

After Effects Tutorial: Recylcling Presets and adding a blur

I’m visiting the Savannah airport and thought to upload a quick blog entry. This quick After Effects project/tutorial is based on the simple idea of using one of the many blurs within After Effects to create entirely new motion backgrounds.


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Genesis Project responds to customer requests!

Some time ago, I posted Adobe Beginner Classes Episode #9 and along with it, made a request to ask what you’d like to see in terms of tutorials, information and the like. I received a few comments and wanted to quickly take the time to respond to some of them before it gets too out of date.  Read on to find out more.

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After Effects Tutorial: Reusing bits and nesting

I’ve had this comp kind of worked out for some time, but haven’t had the time to write it up. Given that it’s pretty easy, I’ve decided to let it out and hopefully get you intruiged and dive into After Effects a bit.  If nothing else, use the attached project file and substitue your own footage or stills.

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