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Adobe Beginner Classes Episode #11 is live!

’nuff said? Read on for misc. news

Hi everybody,

I use Adobe’s Contribute to manage my blog and I haven’t had the time to install it yet, so that tells you why I’ve gone a bit dark over the last week. I’m hopefully going to get it done over the weekend or over the next week. I’ve found a few resources, got some more ABC tutorials coming and a whole bunch more so hopefully I will make it worth your wait.

In the meantime, I hope this next ‘top 10’ helps fill the void. CS4 is out there and I’m having fun working with it. Hope you do too.


what about the audio? I changed the vob to mpg and imports fine but with no audio

[DR – I’ve encountered the same problem. If you need the audio then you’ll have to use a program to convert it first. Consider this an addendum to the post – you may lose audio when you do this!]

I need to learn how to import P2 video and dvd video. Thank you

[DR – Hey Tony, thanks for letting me know. I may be able to cover some of that in a future episode but for the time being let me just give you the easy answers.
1 – P2 is supported natively in CS3 and CS4. Simply navigate to the Video folder on the card and import the .mxf files. If you’re using CS4, you can see picture icons of the media, browse it and take just the bits you want. Pretty cool.
2 – DVD video. There’s a simple trick that should help you. Take the .VOB file and convert it to a .MPG extension and you should be able to load it into Premiere Pro without any problems.

Hope this helps…]

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