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Adobe Product Trials are live

As a lover of ‘try before you buy’ it is with a great amount of pleasure that I let you know that Adobe has published a link for evaluating our CS4 suites (in all configurations.)

In the past, we offered trials of the individual products but to my knowledge, never versions of the suites.  Now you can try entire suites to evaluate whether the integration and functionality is going to meet your standards.

The one caveat that you may know as a video person is that all of the codecs in the video suite are not there. The simple fact is that we license those codecs for you and consequently cannot include them in the trial.  Still, it’s a great way to give speech-to-text a try or explore the ins and outs of the new Adobe Media Encoder or the Cartoon effect in After Effects.

Now the catch… We haven’t actually finished the trials yet and so this link is to be notified once it becomes available. Still, it’s a good thing to sign up for and I hope you’ll give it a go.

Adobe Trial Signup


Trials are a great way to kick the tires. It stinks about the licensing issue as it limits folks from seeing those particularly cool new features. I wish I would have seen this post a week ago – I had some heartache with my own version – I occassionally wait to activate because I have to track down my license and I got really confused when I didn’t see AVCHD there :).

After having used it for just a week, though, I’m loving the better Dynamic Link features, the Media Encoder (no more going into Premiere just to convert a file to a different format!) and the media browser.

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