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Empower your Adobe apps with free downloads

I’ve blogged on the Adobe exchange website and the downloads that pervade Adobe.com before, but since I came across several new things, I’m mentioning it again so that you guys can check it out yourselves.

The Adobe website is massive and we know it.  While it’s well thought out, there is just no getting around the fact that sometimes one can’t find what they want quickly.  Consequently, you don’t know about some little gems in the website that can be a real help (or just plain fun) with many Adobe products.

There are some nifty After Effects Scripts that are already available for CS4.  You can check them out here. You may not be a huge scripts fan, but I’ve found some neat things in the past that I can use if I have them.

Another little gem that I just discovered and hope to work in CS4 (it was written for CS3) is all of the keyboard shortcuts being outlined in a dedicated panel.  YES!  Get this one here

If you’re looking for presets, there are several that you can get for After Effects.  Check ’em out!

Obviously, there’s a ton of stuff for Photoshop as well and I’ll leave it to you to run down brushes, actions, etc.  But, one that I saw and used was B&Big picture that will tile your photo and put it in perspective.

Get the idea? Yes, that’s right – explore the site, click on things like Bridge Home inside of your copy of Bridge CS3 or CS4 and discover all kinds of things that have the wonderful sound of FREE and give you cool things to help you. 

Have a great Friday!



how do I open PDD Files?

[DR – with Photoshop. I believe PDD to be a large Photoshop document file type.]

Can you help me download a FREE program that opens .pdd files?

[DR – You might try John Nack’s blog and ask that question…]

How do I find my URL and How do I figure out how to get of my javascript I’m a beginner?

Thank you for this great program

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