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Flash SWF’s into Premiere Pro?

I find it continually amazing that even though I work for Adobe, there are things that I hear within and without the organization that I didn’t know about a product that I think I know very well.  Such is the case with learning that I can import a Flash SWF file into my Premiere Pro timeline and have it play.

I learned this somewhat by accident as I did an eseminar and another Adobe coworker happened to mention it.  I tried it and sure enough, it works just fine. It opens up some interesting possibilities on reusing content, but also as another tool to create motion graphics for Premiere Pro.  This morning, I reviewed a document that mentioned every new feature of Premiere Pro and I didn’t see it there.

What’s good for all of us Premiere Pro users is that our flexibility and options continue to grow.  Good news for everyone…


I was excited to find a way to add weblinks to an flv exported from Premiere Pro CS4, but after making and testing a couple of semi-transparent movie clips in Flash CS4 which would link to websites on a user click via AS3 and navigateToURL – I couldn’t get things working.

My semi-transparent clips show up, properly later over the relevant words which appear toward the end of my video – but nothing happens upon clicking those buttons.

Has this been verified to work in Flash and Premiere Pro CS4? And if so, do I need to do something special beyond simply dragging the swf files into the PremPro project panel and then placing on the timeline?


[DR – Bottom line – I haven’t tested this in quite a while and even then, there were limitations in what you can do.]

I read this page and I have an issue, not all swf files work in premier pro. when I create an swf file in adobe captivate 5 and then try to import it to premier pro I get nothing but a blank screen. whats the deal why did adobe make captivate so un-useable, its the same deal in after effects and the adobe encoder wont even import it at all. and when I publish as an avi I get some faint green and purple lines on the screen and the audio suffers as well. why captivate why??????????

Hi, I have SWF file that i need to edit on adobe premiere but seems like it lost some frames. it’s an animation video… and it lost some elements like a frame of sunglasses. any idea?

So, I’m trying to understand the whole thing. I’m using Flash CS3 to generate SWF files. I have tried to import them into Premiere Pro CS3 + Flashants Plugin, but Premiere keeps dropping a “File damaged or not recognized format” error during import. (No fancy transitions, action scripting or interaction on them)
I wouldn’t want to export them into AVI or QT since most of the project is based on text legibility and preserving as possible the vector shape animations on it; therefore video compression is not an option.
By reading the whole thread I’m assuming I have to upgrade to Premiere Pro CS4 in order to get it done natively. Im wondering if I have to upgrade also Flash to CS4 or just Premiere Pro? Does it needs to have some specific parameters when saving FLA into SWF in Flash CS3?

[DR – ultimately, what I have found is that there are limitations to what can be imported into Premiere Pro as related to the complexity of the Flash project or animation you’re trying to get in there. I’m not enough of a Flash guru to really test it out. If it doesn’t import, then converting to a QT or AVI is your best choice.]

HELP!!! I also have simple shape animations made in Flash cs4, (1920 x 1080) the .swf’s and .avi’s are beautiful. I export it to PremPro cs4 and I’ve tried every possible format to export it but it looks fuzzy and terrible quality. I’ve even scaled it in Flash and PremPro, and it still looks bad. The best I’ve had so far is exporting a .mov outta Flash, but it just looks terrible coming out of PremPRo. I eventually want to make a MPEG-2 to put on commercial dvd. (I know it has to be 720×480) What can I do??? PLEASE HELP!!!

[DR – Export your Flash Animation as a Quicktime or PNG sequence and then import into Premiere Pro. That should give you the quality you are looking for]

I can’t seem to get the sound to come through however…is this normal when bringing a swf in?

[DR – I haven’t tried this since CS3. If it’s really giving you a problem, then I’d render it out as a QuickTime and import that way.]

when I try to import my swf file into premier pro I keep getting an error message saying “file format not supported”

[DR – don’t know as I haven’t done this with CS5 at all. My recommendation is to remove elements in the SWF and identify what is exactly causing the problem.]

Hey.. I’ve just tried this and the .swf file imports fine into Premiere Pro CS4..

However, it imports on an alpha channel and ignores the stage colour.

Is there any way to import the swf exactly how its been exported from Flash..

Also, previewing the swf in Premiere is very slow and stuttering on my end.. its only a 7 sec swf. ??

[DR – I haven’t checked in on this in a while. You might check the web for more recent information, check the Premiere Pro forums or converting the SWF into video]

I used Adobe Captivate to create swf files of video screen capture then broguth them into Premiere CS4, but problems ensue. I’ve tried different length files (2 min, 6 min)but in Premiere CS4 they extend only to 42 frames in the Project window and on the Timeline – they also only show up as grey.

I did uncheck “Write XMP ID to Files on Import” but to no avail.

Any hints? I would like to use All Adobe products, including video screen capture, but I may have to go back to Camtasia Studio for my screen capture needs.

[DR – You could alternately import the FLV if it’s primarily a video. If it is an animation, then you might also consider writing out to QT and importing then. To be honest, I haven’t gone back and tried this in a while. It seems there are some caveats with bringing in a SWF. What version of Captivate are you using?

Camtasia Studio is a great product that will allow output to a variety of codecs.]

Hi. I am new at this. I published an SWF file from Adobe Captivate v3, but cannot see it when I import it to the latest version of Premiere. (I am using a demo version, before opting to buy it — it’s got to do what I need first!) Any help would be much appreciated. All I get is a black screen.

[DR – It should work just fine. Don’t have any suggestions for you but I’ve done it and it works!]

I am editing in premiere pro and when I add effects to the clip and play it, it plays slow and choppy. What do I do?

[TJ – Without knowing more about your system and what you’re using, it is impossible for me to help you. However, I do recommend you go over to Adobe.com and join the Premiere Pro forum. There you find myself and several others who will be able to help you with a little more information. Thanks for the comment.]

I’ve been working on a rather big cartoon style animation in Flash and imported it into PremierePro Cs4 to add all the audio tracks and do some final editing. The advantage of that process is a complete lossless transfer, no compression until you render the final result in Premiere. Nice concept so far!

However, even though I own a killer machine (Dell Precision with 12GB of RAM), the application slows down significantly during the video editing – to the point where even moving a slice around on the video tracks causes a delay of 10 sec before I can do my next mouse-move.

Any ideas here? I tried different locations for the scratch-discs etc…

One more thing: DON’T use movie-clips in your flash animation, Premiere will not play or loop them, all you get is static images. Use them as animated graphic instances instead.

Also – any 3d-feature-based animation (Flash Cs4) will be ignored by Premiere!

I created a basic animation in Flash CS4(a background panning across the screen) by means of the motion tween option. Viewed as a .swf it looks great, and importing it to Premiere Pro was great too. But when I export the Premiere Pro movie to DVD the animation suddenly appears all jumpy and jerky. Any idea why that might be?

[DR – No, not really but then again I’ve not done a ton of work with SWF’s in Premiere other than to see how well they do (or don’t) work. My recommendation would be to render out the animation as a QT and then bring it into Premiere Pro. Let me know how you make out.]

I’m having trouble importing SWfs into Premiere Pro…all I’m getting is black? Although the file appears correct based on time, I’m getting no video playback of the SWF after importing. Using CS4 all the way around and the SWFs are comprised of nested movie clips. Everything plays back fine in the Flash Player. Any thoughts?

[DR – perhaps import the SWF into a Flash stage and export out a Quicktime as an alternative?]

Hi, I’ve been using Premiere Pro and Flash CS4 on my Mac and I’ve come into some trouble importing a .swf to Premiere — it imports but the picture is small and needs to be stretched which of course compromises quality.

I’ve tried saving my 16:9 flash project to Quicktime file but it automatically compresses it to 4:3 and it leaves weird markings on the image.

Breaking the flash animation down into individual JPG frames is not really an option because when I import to Premiere it automatically sets imported images to 6sec duration.

Is there some way to make a .swf a larger image without manually resizing in Premiere? Any help would be really appreciated!


[DR – Why not make your Flash project bigger so you don’t have to stretch. also when you export to quicktime if it doesn’t show up right, you can go into QT’s movie properties and change things like the aspect ratio. As for jpg import, you can do a numbered sequence. Check out the check box in the lower left.]

I have been having issues using swfs in a Premier Pro project and then publishing it to a Windows Media format. Essentially all of the video info is lost and the file will not play. The bad news is that I have to use Windows Media due to company constraints. Any thoughts on why this might be or how to make it work?

[DR – Nick, Check to see that the SWF will play in a Media player or some type of flash player. Are you using CS4? Have you tried exporting to a Quicktime and importing? These are just a couple of random thoughts off the top of my head. Let me know how you make out with these suggestions.]

though premiere cs4 imports swf natively. it aint as goo as flashant plugin –

swf imported thru flashant could be scaled streched and even keyed on a the bg alpha

I’m useing the cs3 vision,so could you tell me how to import the swf into cs3? maybe need some plug-in,would you tell me the downloading website? thanks so much!

[DR – Importing SWFs into Premiere Pro is a CS4 feature. What you would have to do is find a utility that converts your SWF into an AVI or Quicktime. I’ve seen things like that out there. It’s another step, but at least you’ll get it in there if that’s your goal…]

That is the greatest thing since sliced bread!

I just got into Flash recently and am loving it! Yet trying to work with Flash .swf’s in Adobe Premier [old] or Windows Movie Maker is a total nightmare and a hard drive killer.

THANKS, ADOBE!!!!!!! You rock the world…as always.

Using Jing, I’ve made video screen captures. jing generates these files as swf. When I bring these swf files into Premiere, they play back as grey only. Any suggestions?

[DR – I don’t know. I took a look at the website. on the positive side, it’s the Techsmith guys, on the negative side – it looks like a beta. Perhaps they’re not respecting the alpha channel that is a part of the Flash spec. You’d have to take it up with them. Sorry I don’t have much more for you on this.]

Hi Dennis,
does it require a plug-in?
what version of Premiere Pro should I use?
Wu Xiaolei

[DR – No, to my knowledge, no plugin is required and if it is, its built into Premiere Pro CS4 which is the version you need to use.]

Does this work just as if you were importing a movie clip? Can it go on any of the video tracks? Does the audio get imported, too and, if so, is the audio successfully synced with the video portion of the SWF?

[DR – Randy, I didn’t check on whether I could bring an audio file along with it. My hunch would say no, but if you were working on a Flash project, you could use the .asnd format in Flash and Premiere. So, technically, you can import your Flash sound into Premiere if needs be. Hope this helps.]

Any SWF? Wow.. that is a strong feature for future possibilites.

[DR – I know! It is a pretty cool feature for people that are doing a little animation in Flash. And for those that aren’t, Flash is definitely way easier to pick up than it has been in the past, so hopefully some people will give it a try.]

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