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Free After Effects Plug-in and a great resource

Yeah, that word FREE really grabs you, doesn’t it? ;-)  That’s all right, it grabs me too.

During our AENY meeting, Aharon and Jim mentioned about a free plug-in that did 3D extrusion.  Sign me UP!

In chasing down where it was, I came across another After Effects artist who you should bookmark and read up on his tutorials.  His name is Maltaannan and he’s not only got some great tutorials (I’m watching some of them now) but he’s a wiz with expressions and so has created some custom effects. The one that grabbed me is the CE Shape Extruder

It does what it says and while I wouldn’t classify it as super easy, it is FREE so I throw it out there for those of you who want to take advantage of it.  It’s not hard either, so if you’re unsure, I’d say give it a try.  Watch the tutorial and also watch his What Custom Effects are before you get started.  There are a couple of small things you want go through before you install. Again, it’s TOTALLY worth it!

Below is one picture of what I was able to do in a few short steps.  I’ve bookmarked Maltaannon and once I learn how to spell his name correctly, I’ll be watching him regularly!

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