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Genesis Project responds to customer requests!

Some time ago, I posted Adobe Beginner Classes Episode #9 and along with it, made a request to ask what you’d like to see in terms of tutorials, information and the like. I received a few comments and wanted to quickly take the time to respond to some of them before it gets too out of date.  Read on to find out more.

Brian posted the most in depth comments and some great suggestions.  Let me address his first.

  1. video shooting tips: I’m not a shooter and would value learning more myself.  I’d let some readers post comments on place where people can get the most out of their cameras.  One small tip I can offer is that OnLocation offers a "sure shot" mode that allows you to get maximum focus, exposure and proper whitebalancing without diving into the camera too much.  Perhaps a good place to start.
  2. Reverse engineer effects on TVs/Movies.  Would love to and agree that some are not in the scope of a ‘beginner’ type tutorial.  That being said audience…what kind of effects would you like to see done?
  3. Workflow tricks.  I think I cover a lot of this in the blog and Adobe TV show, but I will continue to do so and will surely focus a bit on this with some upcoming CS4 tutorials.  I also plan to do some of the ‘tiny’ features in Premiere and possibly After Effects as well.
  4. Creative Inspirations – video of me?  Yikes, no thank you! Even if I thought someone was interested in what I do, I don’t have anyone to shoot me.  Shooting other companies would be cool but many times, companies like HBO, NBC, etc won’t let you in with a camera…
  5. After Effects Expressions for dummies – YES!!! I want to do this as well and I will freely admit that I’m selfishly motivated to do so.  I want to learn more about them myself and I’ve recently gotten a few expressions that I think are easy to grasp and utilize.  I’ll definitely be sharing them in the future – stay tuned!
  6. Favorite export settings – hmm..perhaps a tutorial on the Adobe Media Encoder might do the trick.
  7. Star Wars Light Saber effect.  Gosh there are tons of these already out there and I’m sure a google search will yield you a ton of good ones. I often recommend Andrew Kramer as a Jedi Master of After Effects and he has a ton of tutorials out there for it.  Here’s his 2nd light saber project
  8. Brian also suggested doing some skill contest challenges.  I thought this might be a good idea.  I can offer up some Adobe schwag (hats, t-shirts, etc.) as a prize if anyone’s interested.  I need to get a couple of ‘oh yeahs!’ before I would consider doing it.  Lets say ten willing contestants before I dream up a challenge.  My question to you is, have you even read this far down yet? 😉

Happy Monday (kind of?),




Oh yeah! Schwag is good, I’m always up for some random challenge.

I think some time should be spent covering the many uses and starting points available from the provided AE presets, just because they don’t appear useful at first doesn’t mean they can’t harness super powers that usually require expensive plug-ins.


[DR – Ben, that’s a good idea and something that many people can jump on. This may be a great idea for a first contest.

Everyone – thoughts on this as a basis for first contest?]

Oh yes count me in.

No more patiently waiting except for the “real” ship dates. A few suggestions that would make things for beginners a little easier to absorb and beginner is the operative word! Options, uhg ,to many. The three ways to do anything X number of keyboard short cuts = Confusion. Next enlarge your cursor and slow it down. Because were looking while listening the picture should be in focus and the remarks also. Now I don’t want to be a nay sayer
because I have down loaded and watched, more than once every thing you have posted and I’m looking forward too more. Might I suggest a quick path per segment for openers.

Thanks for taking the time to specifically address so many of my requests.

I’ll give some thought to the movie/commercial effects that I’d like to see – when one comes to mind I’ll post it.

Also, thanks for the link to VideoCoPilot.net – very handy!

I’m obviously up for the skill contest challenge – there’s 1/10!

I look forward to seeing info on these various areas.

Thanks again,

First off, I just want to comment on the ABC’s – they are great and I look forward to new episodes but I always go back the older ones for tips and how-tos for stuff that comes across my plate. I am an amateur but having all of these great tutorials help a lot!

I am all for a contest to get people’s creative juices flowing… Perhaps starting out with a theme?


HAHA.. I had to laugh at your “has anyone even read this far down” comment.

1. My shooting tips would be, LEARN to light, Learn to plan and then plan your shots, and shoot lots of footage and don’t be afraid to throw some away. (The secret is all in the editing) 😉

2. I think some solid tutorials showing off industry ‘standard’ motion graphics would be a good start. I know there are a lot of good ones out there, but none showing a sort of ‘best practices’ standard.

8. YEAH!!! Adobe Schwag! Yay! 😀

[DR – I’ll take your YAY for one vote.

Industry standard – I need specific commercials or spots in order to recreate them. Otherwise, I try and give elements of them everytime I do an AE tutorials.

Thanks for the tips!]

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