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Some AE fun with Trapcode’s 3D Stroke

If After Effects is your thing, then you have a ton of plugins and already know about 3D Stroke.  If you’re into dabbling, then you’ll want to check this plugin out as a trial at your first opportunity.

3D Stroke is just what the name implies – it allows for the creation of strokes to happen in 3D space much more easily than you can in After Effects by itself.

The fact is that I have never included an AE project file that contained third party plug-ins – it’s doesn’t allow for everyone to use the project file. However, I have to say that this plug-in is just plain fun to use and if you’re willing to give it a look, I’d download the trial for 3D Stroke right here

Once you play with it, you’ll know how often it is used and seen on TV and in content creation.  It’s definitely one of those kinds of plug-ins.  Let me know what you think.

I’ve also decided to give Blip.TV a try for playing back content.  YouTube is popular, but it’s killing me in terms of quality – again let me know what you think of the new playback.

Download 3D Stroke Project File



I just downloaded Trapcode 3D Stroke Demo for my Combustion 2008 program and it is limiting itself to about a dozen or more presets and that is it. I’m able to make few if any adjustments and lots is greyed out. How functional is it for Combustion? I have looked at a number of Blogs, Creative Cow etc. and they just don’t give enough answers. What have you experienced using 3D Stroke with Combustion?

[DR – with Combustion? Nothing. 😉 3D Stroke is a very popular plugin and one that I see in use all of the time on TV.]


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