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Flash, ARM, MAX, AIR and more

As a guy who primarily focuses on Adobe’s video products, I look at Flash from a different perspective than many. That being said, it’s noteworthy for video and Flash designers alike to pay attention to the goings on in the world of Flash

ARM is a chip manufacturer that specializes in developing processors that are used in mobile devices such as cell phones. Here’s one of many articles on it from the Mac perspective. Of course, they’d like to see it on the iPhone. Check it out here: ARM and Flash

MAX is going on and its as close to an Adobe love fest as you’re likely to encounter. During this big Adobe event, we’ve outlined several things based around the world of Flash and no doubt more to come. One that I know of is a LiveCycle enabled client review system, similar to ClipNotes but offering a bit more for the enterprise customer.

AIR just went to version 1.5. AIR if you’re not aware (no rhyme intended!) stands for Adobe Integrated Runtime. That’s a fancy way of saying its an application environment or ‘middleware’ I’m really big on the idea of AIR as I can envision all kinds of AIR apps that are designed for refining specific tasks in video workflows – whether it’s broadcast or post production. It’s also a terribly convenient way to tie into 3rd party systems. I think this will take a while to maturate, but by 2010, I think we’ll see some really interesting things in the way of video AIR apps.

And if you don’t have it already, Flash Player 10 has been out there for a month or so and it’s the latest and greatest from the Flash Player team.

Baseball is my favorite support or worst addiction depending on your perspective and its bugged me to no end that MLB was using Microsoft’s Silverlight. My thinking was, “Why? Don’t you want to reach the largest audience on the web? Isn’t our Flash technology good enough? Why won’t you get me Mets season tickets?” Okay, maybe the last one is a bit out of line… 😉 I’m incredibly excited to say that MLB has turned it around and is going back to Flash for it’s video services for the 2009 season. Get the details here: MLB comes back to Flash

Lastly, here’s another link on general Flash updates and tools from a tech website perspective: Upgrades to Flash Tools


Flash is one of my favorite tools, largely for the reasons you mentioned (great set of features, market penetration). I also really love its increasing support of video, including h.264 stuff.

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