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In praise of HP warranties

Often times when people consider buying new hardware, the idea of the warranty rarely plays into the decision.  In a sense I understand it – you don’t buy something with the idea that it’s going to fail.  However, with technology there are so many tiny things (read ‘nano-scale’) that makes the idea of a DOA (dead on arrival) experience sometimes a reality.

Such was the case when I received a souped up, tricked out, HP 9400 with dual AMD quad cores.  Yes, this machine ROCKS and I’m excited to tweek it some more and make it my favorite PC.  However, I’m a month behind my coworkers because the motherboard turned out to be bad.

In the process, I learned that HP gives their workstation class machines a 3 year onsite warranty! Cha-ching! 

So, why a month to get a replacement motherboard?  Well, turns out that we (HP and I) incorrectly diagnosed the original problem as a bad power supply.  After that, I actually received a second dead motherboard (yeah, you can’t dream this stuff up), but third times the charm and it was great to have a guy come to my house (Edwin) and do the dirty work instead of me.

The entire experience was terrific given that I had hoped to never deal with any HP service.  That being said, the people at HP did a terrific job and I can wholeheartedly recommend HP not only from their technology and products, but also their service…

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