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Yet another cautionary tale of backing up your data (and in praise of Tekserve!)

I won’t belabor the point but get straight to the conclusion: If you don’t think your computer will ever blow up – you’re WRONG! Back up your stuff!!!

Boy, I feel better already….

I was presenting to a FCP group in NYC that had about 200 people that night and had an appointment with ABC NY earlier in the afternoon. My Macbook Pro was acting funny and crashed – no really, Macs crash too! :-p

Restart…hmmm. no workee… restart again…hmmm… same thing…GRRR.

Zap the PRAM three times…restart…nothing…double GRRR….

disconnect everything…start in safe mode…nothing!!!

Call the Apple shops as a card carrying member of ProCare…Of course, all three shops are booked up and unavailable.

Full panic ensues…

Call my buddy Matt down at Tekserve who says bring the unit on down. Yes!

How does the story end? Well, even the boys at Tekserve couldn’t fix it in time for my ABC meeting and evening event, but they went the distance and provided superior support and service and got me my laptop back as quickly as possible. They kept in communication about the status and got the unit back to me quickly. If you’re in the NY metro area, I can recommend no dealer more highly than I do Tekserve.

As for me, lesson learned. While I didn’t actually lose any data because Tekserve, saved my bacon, I’ve backed up my data a few times already and am sending my laptop back to the Adobe IT department to do a clean wipe and reinstall to make sure something like this is a horrible, distant, forgotten memory.

BACK UP YOUR DATA – you’ve got a chunk of your life inside of it!

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