An After Effects Christmas

With all respect to other holidays around this time, my house celebrates Christmas (hey, my blog is called the Genesis Project!) and so I wanted to post a simple animation that you can use to learn some basic things about After Effects.

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Matrox announces CS4 compatibility and 64bit support

Good news for Matrox owners – CS4 compatibility along with 64 bit support is around the corner.  What’s not to like about that?  RT.X2 owners will get it in a few days while Axio customers will have to wait a bit longer, but overall, this should be a huge boost for everyone.  I have to tip my hat to the guys at Matrox as well because I never expected them to be the first hardware manufacturer to support CS4, but they did so congratulations!

Matrox announces CS4 and Vista 64 support

An article on 64 bit computing and Production Premium

Dave from Dav’s Tech Table emailed me this story from Jan Ozer about his recent interest in 64bit computing.  As always, Jan tells with it with thoughtfulness and insight.  It’s a good morning tech read…

Digital Content Producer – 64 bit computing

Adobe video roadshow coming in January ’09

With Apple pulling out of their own MacWorld show, it’s certainly a sign that trade shows are more difficult to justify in today’s tough economy.  Adobe is really no different and it’s not infrequent that I hear from customers saying, "when are you coming to do a show?"

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AVCHD: "No, it’s really native"

Just a quick story from yesterday: I was at the Sports Video Group show in New York which is focused on broadcast sports technology and during a slow time the Canon guy came up to me.  He asked me, "So I hear the latest version of Premiere Pro can play AVCHD natively.  Is it really native or is it just native?"

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A "Virtual" Tradeshow

Come on, doesn’t that title grab you?  A "virtual" tradeshow?  What does that mean?

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Red camera workflows

All right, lets get the immediate thing out of the way.  I’ve been dark for a while on the blogosphere.  Guilty as charged.  There’s a certain blogging product that has been giving me fits and sadly it’s an Adobe product. Ah well, we’re not perfect, though we try real hard.  Now…on to more important things

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