Another Mac customer trying Premiere Pro and liking it!

 As an Adobe person who is often on the road, I talk to customers from all walks of life – be it from a hobbist to MTV and everything in between.  From these customers, I’ve gotten this kind of response from many: "I use (fill in the blank – Apple or Avid) but I have to say, that Production Premium and Premiere Pro are pretty compelling for me.  I might give this a shot." Below is another link from a real-world group that gave CS4 a try and had a great experience from it.

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After Effects Interface question

As you can probably imagine, there is a lot of internal emails that fly about inside of Adobe and its extended developer community.  One such email came from a developer who made a comment.  In essence, he said that some users prefer After Effects 6.5 since it is the last version with a ‘decent Mac interface.’

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CS4 Road show and my focus for 2009

I am in Florida this morning before I jump on a plane to Los Angeles.  I wanted to get a quick post in to say that yesterday’s CS4 roadshow was a lot of fun and packed with people interested in seeing our products and the products of our partners.  We had all of the major hardware partners there and showing CS4 drivers (mostly in beta) as well as Panasonic, nvidia, Rimage and many more.  Since the event was at Full Sail, it had a lot of students there. 

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OnLocation 4.0.2 Update available

That’s really all there is to this post!

The link below says the following about the new update: "The AdobeĀ® OnLocationā„¢ CS4 4.0.2 update contains six bug fixes involving handling of long clips, support for DVC Pro PAL, a freeze on opening SureShot, and a crash on playing a clip after scrubbing."

Get it here

Upcoming Adobe Video events

Just a quick reminder that Adobe is having a road show tour.  People constantly tell me that they really enjoy them, so I hope you’ll consider joining us.  We’re hitting eight cities and if the event is successful we hope to do more.  Not only will Adobe be there, but a ton of our partners including many of our close friends at Blackmagic, Matrox and AJA.  In addition, you can see the new Quadro CX board up close which is a dynamite accelerator for several Adobe applications.

Here’s the details: Adobe CS4 Roadshow

One other reminder is that there will be a Sony virtual tradeshow on January 15th.  It certainly sounds interesting and if you’ve got the time, stop in for a bit and chat with Adobe people online to answer any questions you have.  After it’s done, I would really like to get some comments on it via this post or my other post on this

Here’s how to register for the Sony show: Register

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