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Another Mac customer trying Premiere Pro and liking it!

 As an Adobe person who is often on the road, I talk to customers from all walks of life – be it from a hobbist to MTV and everything in between.  From these customers, I’ve gotten this kind of response from many: "I use (fill in the blank – Apple or Avid) but I have to say, that Production Premium and Premiere Pro are pretty compelling for me.  I might give this a shot." Below is another link from a real-world group that gave CS4 a try and had a great experience from it.

Over the last year or so and especially since CS4 started shipping, we’ve gotten more and more response from people at the higher end of the spectrum that are starting to embrace Adobe as a greater part of their total workflow and perhaps as their editor du jour in the future. 

If I can offer some reasons as to why this is without sounding like an Adobe sales person, it’s been things like integration between all of the apps, metadata and perhaps most broadly, the idea of native and tapeless workflows.  Things like XDCAM EX, P2, AVCHD and RED have all been huge reasons why customers consider Adobe as an alternative.  Not converting their raw footage has been a pain point that Adobe has recognized and will continue to innovate on.  Imagine mixing all of those formats on a single timeline?  Premiere Pro can do without converting any of the footage (yes, I’m bragging at this point…;-)

Anyway, this article is a real good, "real-world" read that underscores what people are saying about Adobe Production Premium CS4.  My only beef with this article is that it sounds like Production Premium is only available for PC.  Aiy Carumba – Adobe is cross platform!!!!

Here’s the link: TheStreet.com

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