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CS4 Road show and my focus for 2009

I am in Florida this morning before I jump on a plane to Los Angeles.  I wanted to get a quick post in to say that yesterday’s CS4 roadshow was a lot of fun and packed with people interested in seeing our products and the products of our partners.  We had all of the major hardware partners there and showing CS4 drivers (mostly in beta) as well as Panasonic, nvidia, Rimage and many more.  Since the event was at Full Sail, it had a lot of students there. 

I ended up not doing any of the presentation but both Dave and Steve did a great job.  The links attached to their names are their respective blog sites, so be sure to check them out.

The integration and innovation that we’ve done with CS4 were the biggest draws.  Dynamic Link continues to get a lot of response and Dave took the time to talk about the RED camera support, Final Cut importer and the AAF import/export.  The AVCHD media was buttery smooth on the timeline, but then again we had an eight-core HP tower that was rockin with Vista 64!  Despite that, it seems that customers do understand the value of native editing and that transcoding to another codec, however efficient is never a customers first choice…

I also wanted to comment quickly about some of the reasons I haven’t been able to put as much time into the Genesis Project blog and the Adobe Beginner Classes TV show. My focus for this year is working with broadcasters and large media and entertainment companies and its been gobbling up my time.  Its no surprise that products like After Effects and Photoshop are a staple at broadcasters around the world and consequently, they are purchasing Production Premium for that very reason.  However, now more and more people at the high-end are starting to discover the incredible features, power and integration of the other products, most notably Premiere Pro.

What does this mean for the blog and the TV show?  They will definitely go on and it’s my hope to put as much or more energy into them, but its figuring out a clean way to do so.  So, while I’m figuring this out, please know that I’m out there thinking of ideas and posting however and whenever I can.  If you’re new to this blog, you might check out the tutorials link to the right to get a handle on a ton of free tutorials and content including several links to other sites that I have discovered over the years.

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