Convoluted blogging practice hopefully resolved

While you may have never noticed, the fact was that I was using a convoluted way to actually post my entries and content to this blog. 

The problem was that Contribute CS4 was practically unusable on the Mac which is my main laptop computer.  Text entry was slow, the thing crashed…in short it was ugly. I had to launch VMWare, get into Vista 64 through emulation on my Mac, launch Contribute CS3 (not 4) and do my entries.  Not the most pleasant of experiences to say the least!

However, it would seem that all is right again in the world and after a Saturday install of Contribute CS4 along with the important update, I am typing away and experiencing no problems at all.  Kudos to the Contribute team for tracking down these issues and fixing them.

Adobe Beginner Classes Episode #13 project file

After a long hiatus, Adobe Beginner Classes should be coming back online.  I’ve worked on a number of episodes and the first one is coming up today.  After Effects has been my muse yet again and so there is some amount of focus on it.  This episode will have the first of what ultimately became three parts on 3D text inside of After Effects (with no additional plugins).

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NLEs: How native workflows help you save

…Or perhaps this entry could be titled, “A study of contrasts”

I recently received the latest issue of Event DV, which is an excellent magazine with some solid writers.  Each month they’ve got some excellent contributions from Photoshop wiz, Lance Gray and an editorial from Jan Ozer.

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Matrox releases Axio 4.0 for CS4!

Matrox has announced the availability of Axio 4.0 software for Production Premium package including Premiere Pro CS4.  This software not only adds support for CS4 for existing Axio users but also the following:

* Full resolution, full frame rate, realtime editing of many more layers of video and graphics
* Realtime mixed-format timelines and multi-cam
* More effects in real time including color correction, chroma/luma keying, speed changes, 3D DVE, blur/glow/soft focus, and many more
* Realtime native editing of Panasonic P2 and P2 HD and Sony XDCAM, XDCAM HD, and XDCAM HD422 clips (MXF files)
* Realtime native editing of Sony XDCAM EX clips (MP4 files)
* Native support for additional codecs including: DVCPRO HD, MPEG HD, MPEG HD422, offline HD, MPEG-2 I-frame in HD and SD, IMX, DVCPRO, and DVCPRO50
* Composite, Y/C, HD/SD analog component, and HD/SD SDI input and output
* Simultaneous HD and SD output
* Realtime MPEG-2 IBP capture from analog, DV, and SDI sources for DVD authoring
* WYSIWYG video output for graphics and compositing Adobe After Effects, and Photoshop, Autodesk Combustion and 3ds Max, eyeon Fusion, and NewTek LightWave 3D (32-bit versions) with dynamic Alt+Tab switching

All in all, it looks like a good release.  Go to the Matrox website for more details.

Customer Story on Premiere Pro

I recently received a note from Juan Carlos, a New York area Premiere Pro editor who has done some interesting work in the game field.  Juan Carlos has done an interesting film called Second Skin which is about gamers lives inside these massive game worlds.

More recently, he let me know that he’s connected and the show is called Motherboard.  It’s about games as well and the initial episodes were covering Lord British (aka Richard Garriott) who developed several games including the Ultima series of yesteryear.

It’s an interesting view and in three parts. If it tickles your fancy, you should check it out here.

Of course, Juan is busy cutting away in Premiere Pro CS4. Real world work (on virtual worlds) being done on Premiere Pro.  And why not?  It’s the best editor out there in my opinion! ;-)  Enjoy the videos.

Adobe Beginner Classes coming on Adobe TV!

I’ve finished three episodes and trying to squeeze in some more in my spare time. These episodes are ones that I really like, because they focus on either something really cool, or something really necessary. 

I’ve found that creating these is much like your own work – sometimes the muse strikes you and you create some good stuff and other times…yawn…  When it’s the latter, I don’t publish anything and when it’s the former – well, I hope you like it.

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Want to beta test OnLocation some day?

I love provactive titles.  That one got you didn’t it? ;-) 

It’s hard to imagine that Adobe is already looking at what to do next with OnLocation, but you’d be shocked at how far off we try to think when planning on the future of our products.  We do this in part because we have so many passionate customers that need new functionality.

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New Adobe Beginner Classes coming up soon!

I’ve been extremely remiss in doing episodes, but the fact is Adobe has given me a different assignment this year and as a result, doing Adobe Beginner Classes has fallen off the map! 

Never fear!  I’ve got two episodes done (and I’m quite happy with them) and hopefully doing some more this week. 

As a refresher, you can get to my ‘channel’ by clicking here

GenArts Sapphire sale at!

Among the very best plugins available for After Effects are the ones from GenArts.  Called Sapphire plugins, they are an extensive collection of toolbox additions that are must haves if you are a serious AE artist. 

As a result, these plugins never go on sale.  The price for the whole collection is over $1500.00 which is a lot by any measurement. 

Next Tuesday only, it seems that Toolfarm will have the entire collection on sale for one day only.  So, on February 24th, you’ll want to click here

I could get into digital delivery of magazines

I just recevied a digital version of Videomaker magazine and I have to say I enjoyed it. 

The question for me is why did I enjoy it?

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