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Adobe Beginner Classes coming on Adobe TV!

I’ve finished three episodes and trying to squeeze in some more in my spare time. These episodes are ones that I really like, because they focus on either something really cool, or something really necessary. 

I’ve found that creating these is much like your own work – sometimes the muse strikes you and you create some good stuff and other times…yawn…  When it’s the latter, I don’t publish anything and when it’s the former – well, I hope you like it.

In my first two part episode, I walk you through how to create 3D text – a technique that I picked up from Danny Princz of FXphd.com.  I also was recently reminded of an important feature in Audition 3.0 – removing ‘silence’ from your audio…very nifty in certain instances.

They’ll be coming online over the next several weeks, so I hope that you’ll consider bookmarking the site which is here: Adobe Beginner Classes

The first one should be online by the end of this week.  As always, I’d welcome your comments.

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