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Customer Story on Premiere Pro

I recently received a note from Juan Carlos, a New York area Premiere Pro editor who has done some interesting work in the game field.  Juan Carlos has done an interesting film called Second Skin which is about gamers lives inside these massive game worlds.

More recently, he let me know that he’s connected VBS.tv and the show is called Motherboard.  It’s about games as well and the initial episodes were covering Lord British (aka Richard Garriott) who developed several games including the Ultima series of yesteryear.

It’s an interesting view and in three parts. If it tickles your fancy, you should check it out here.

Of course, Juan is busy cutting away in Premiere Pro CS4. Real world work (on virtual worlds) being done on Premiere Pro.  And why not?  It’s the best editor out there in my opinion! ;-)  Enjoy the videos.

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