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FCP users redux

Late yesterday I saw on the Adobe blog roll the title FCP Users: Using Premiere Pro is not cheating!

Of course I clicked on it and read it – that was too intruiging a title not to read for me and the comments and reactions have so mirrored my own that I too had to comment on it.

NLE users are a dedicated bunch and of course we have a giant number of Premiere Pro users who are just that – dedicated and loyal.  Furthermore, I understand that if I’m saying ‘my’ NLE is better than yours that in some way I am assaulting your decision – and that’s not a good thing.  Choosing software in any category is an emotional and mental decision and if anyone challenges that then it is saying your decision (and by extension intellect) is not all it should be.

I get it.

As an aside, one of the reasons that I love working for Adobe is simple: Adobe is not the kind of company that wants to force you to work with only Adobe applications.  Should you choose to use Quark in print, or another web development tool or Avid or Apple, whatever – that’s okay.  really… no really…

Would we like you to use all Adobe products – absolutely. We do in part because we believe that the integration and features we’ve put into the products are going to give you things you can’t get in competitive products, but the point is we won’t be draconian about it. 

Back to the FCP user – Karl’s customer reactions have mirrored my own and while I like Macs just as much as the next person, I am continually amazed at how some people think that using Adobe or other creative products is like cheating on your spouse.  Why can’t these people embrace other tools, specifically Premiere Pro?  You’ve embraced Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, Encore because they supply functionality that you lack, why not Premiere Pro to do the same?  The fact is, more and more FCP and Avid users are doing just that and I think it underscores the main point here: these are all just tools. We are passionate about them, we care about them, we spend an inordinate amount of time in front of them, but they are still just tools.  Do I worship a hammer?  No, I do not.  In the same way, I shouldn’t have preconceived notions about what I should be doing with software products. 

Will FCP users become the next generation of Avid editors? Think about it – perhaps a mere 5 years ago, Avid editors said, "I’m not using Final Cut, I’m an Avid editor!"  What are many of them doing now?  Using Final Cut (or Premiere Pro).  The point is, don’t let your tools prevent you from better creativity.  Just because you have a 3 pound hammer, doesn’t mean you can’t have a ball pean hammer, or a sledge, or a nail remover, or a nail gun.  There are more than a few types of hammers – the same holds true for creative software. I’d like to think that Premiere Pro can have a place alongside any workflow. Time will tell!

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