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G-Technology still drives my storage

Every once in a while, I like to give a shout out to some of the actual companies and products that I use on a regular basis.  As an Adobe employee, I’m often asked my opinion about certain pieces of gear or what not and its because we’ve used a lot of them that we offer opinions about what we think works best. This isn’t meant as an endorsement or anything else, other than to continue to help people and their choices for equipment…Okay disclaimer done.

So, if you see me sometime at a tradeshow or what not, more than likely I will have at least one G-Tech product with me.  I’ve had three G-Raid minis and without a doubt are my favorite little hard drives.  They’re bus powered and have firewire 400/800 and USB2.  I had an original 240GB on the road for the better part of three years and only recently did it start to show signs of being ready for retirement.  It had traveled with me for well over 100,000 miles and I still use it for a back up drive. I also have a G-drive-mini, a G-Drive and a G-Raid.  All of them are well designed, work as advertised and have stayed with me for a number of years. 

Lets be honest, hard drives are not sexy, but they are essential and having one you can trust is important.  I’ve been pleased with G-Tech and plan to use them for the future.

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