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I could get into digital delivery of magazines

I just recevied a digital version of Videomaker magazine and I have to say I enjoyed it. 

The question for me is why did I enjoy it?

Why did I enjoy it?  Because it was easy to navigate around in and I got the stories or bits that I was most interested in quickly. The art of gathering information in the information age is have effective strategies for finding what you need quickly! For me, this means looking at the table of contents of the magazine and being able to jump right to the story I want to see first.  Then jumping back and looking at the next bit. 

Now, lest you think that I am pronouncing the death of paper, I would hesitate to do so.  I am a big reader and there is something indescribable about the connection you have between yourself and a good book. Until we have something like the movie Minority Report where we can read newspapers on a thin, film-like substance and turn pages with a motion of the hand, I don’t see paper books and media going away.  Even the new electronic readers don’t offer as much to the average reader as just buying the book in paper.

Anyway, lest I get more off track, I encourage you to give navigable PDFs a try, they’re quite nice…

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