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Want to beta test OnLocation some day?

I love provactive titles.  That one got you didn’t it? ;-) 

It’s hard to imagine that Adobe is already looking at what to do next with OnLocation, but you’d be shocked at how far off we try to think when planning on the future of our products.  We do this in part because we have so many passionate customers that need new functionality.

The title says it all, but let me add a caveat.  Being a useful beta tester is not about wanting to see what the new features may be.  In fact, it’s a real commitment and the ones that get invited back or invited to test other things are the ones who put the time into logging bugs, using the product and trying to break it.

I’ve been a beta tester, but not a good one.  I like many others were more interested in seeing the new stuff rather than trying to make it better by breaking it.  Hopefully, some of you are interested in doing the latter.  If so, you should check out a post on Creative Cow from Adobe that outlines some upcoming testing for OnLo.

Creative Cow Post

One other completely obvious statement – No, there isn’t a new version of OnLocation or anything else on the imminent horizon, so please don’t ask! 😉

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